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Advertising and Paid Search Intelligence


Advertising and Paid Search Intelligence

The fragmented nature of the media industry makes it more critical for brand owners, media agencies and media owners to understand the competitive landscape. Knowing how other brands are investing and messaging helps them stand apart from competition, invest better and find new business opportunities.

We give a connected view of the paid media advertising market: in-depth global and local insight on advertising activities covering traditional, digital and search media.

Paid Search Intelligence: Enhancing digital campaigns

Consumers are increasingly using different ways to search, on a variety of different devices. This fragmented search journey makes it more challenging for you to engage with your targeted audiences and improve the return on investment of your digital campaigns.

And you are doing this in an increasingly competitive and crowded market, with more pressure than ever to perform using a limited number of key words.

Improve the performance of your search activities

We provide the most comprehensive and connected overview of brand activities, competitor benchmarking, share of voice and marketplaces activities. It includes data on individual adverts and campaigns across online and mobile search engines and ecommerce sites, covering both paid and organic search.

We do this by providing timely and actionable insights across four areas of advertising search activity, each of which helps improve brand strategies:

  • Marketplace analysis: shows how keywords perform over time on organic and paid search, informing how to allocate budget and plan efficiently

  • Campaign analysis: delivers daily insight on search engine marketing activity, helping decide how best to adapt campaigns

  • Trademark protection: identifies who else is using trademarked brand terms, making it easier to protect the business and reputation

  • Ecommerce analysis: provides key competitive intelligence on Amazon search advertising, making it possible to improve investment strategies there.


We operate at global and local levels, with local experts checking data quality and the sheer volume of keywords monitored makes it possible to index the top advertisers in the marketplace as a reference point. Our single platform allows our 4000 users around the world to get the data that is most relevant to them.

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