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Media & Entertainment Industry (Re)Imagined by AI 

It can be argued that the media and entertainment industry is profoundly disrupted by AI. This disruption is felt from content creation to consumer experience. Artificial Intelligence will soon influence all elements of the media value chain. Right from the backend creative processes to how the content delivery to audiences engagement, everything is being driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly serving as an engine that drives richer, more realistic experiences in media and entertainment from video games to movies and more. 

The use of AI in the media and entertainment industry is helping the media companies to improve their services and enhance the customer experience. Here are a few AI use cases in media and entertainment that are transforming the industry:

Implications of  AI  on Media & Entertainment 

Television and Cabinet

Content personalization

Leading Music and video streaming platforms like Spotify and Netflix are successful because they offer content to people belonging to all demographics, having different tastes and preferences.

Such companies are using AI and machine learning algorithms to study individual user behavior and demographics to recommend what they may be most interested in watching or listening to next keeping them constantly engaged. As a result, these AI-based platforms are providing customers with the content that cater to their specific likings, thus offering them a highly personalized experience.

Page Acknowledgments: CIO Magazine, Pharzor, Dataiku

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