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Consumer Intelligence

We enable businesses to identify and reach the right audiences more efficiently and accurately by connecting consumer data on media consumption, brand usage, attitudes and lifestyles. This enables intelligent consumer profiling online and offline. This informs strategic planning decisions and the efficient execution of advertising campaigns across all channels. Brand owners and their media agencies can reach the right audiences. Media owners can position their platforms as the best choice for marketing and advertising activities.

TGI Audience Activation: Enhancing online campaign targeting

TGI Audience Activation bridges the gap between media planning and programmatic media buying based on real-world consumer targets.

It helps overcome challenges media agencies and brand owners face as programmatic advertising spending nears saturation.  With so much data available it is increasingly difficult to get the edge on competitors and to make an impact.

We make it possible to get that edge.  Using TGI Audience Activation, media agencies can take targets formed from their analysis of TGI Consumer Data and reach these same targets online.

Activate against real consumer targets

Media agencies use TGI Consumer Data to define their campaign strategy and identify which media best reaches their audience. TGI Audience Activation enables them to activate these targets through advertising programmatic platforms too.

There are two ways to use of TGI Audience Activation.

  • Pre-defined audiences: we have carefully selected hundreds of pre-defined audiences. These can be reached across a range of trusted, prominent data management platforms and demand side platforms.

  • Tailored audiences: Media Agencies can build their own specific audiences and make them available to target on these same platforms.

TGI Consumer Analysis: Easy to use interfaces

TGI Consumer Data contains vast amounts of information, so it is critical that the database is easy for media owners, media agencies and brand owners to access.  We have developed a suite of fast and flexible analysis tools.

These can manipulate the vast volumes of data speedily and easily. They make the TGI Consumer Data available anywhere and anytime. 

TGI Consumer Analysis tools have been designed to meet different needs at different levels.  Whether that’s for audience profiling, media planning or advanced customer segmentation, we’ve got it covered.

But simply analyzing the data is not enough.  They also make it more accessible, with easy-to-use interfaces with data visualization being a priority.

TGI Consumer Data: All-round consumer understanding

Consumer habits are changing all the time.  Yet the need to have verified and high-quality data on consumer behavior is still the same.

TGI Consumer Data gives a complete understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes.  It enables more effective marketing and advertising for media owners, media agencies and brand owners.

TGI Consumer Data draws upon a huge breadth and depth of consumer characteristics and behavior.  It gives a clear profile of media consumption (print, TV, radio and online), product and brand usage, attitudes, motivations and beliefs, and many other consumer behaviors.

Practical benefits

These essential consumer insights build real consumer understanding and audience profiling for media planning and buying. 

We work with Media Owners’ sales teams to profile audiences whether on print, TV, radio and digital media channels. They can identify the unique composition of their audience – in lifestyle, attitudinal or consumer terms – and use this to demonstrate their competitive value to Brand Owners.

We help Media Agencies to optimize media planning by identifying the right target audiences against the right advertising activation choices. This enables them to efficiently address the objectives of Brand Owners.

Brand Owners’ marketing and research teams can enhance strategic planning by effectively segmenting customers and identify gaps in the market.

Consumer insights

Our TGI Consumer Data is based on surveys among online and offline panels of consumers.  All respondents first meet pre-qualifying criteria to ensure a representative sample.  Then they answer all the questions on the study (either online or on paper questionnaire).

This ensures it is completely “single source”.  It enables us to see not just what each consumer does, but how those activities and pastimes are connected to each other.

TGI Consumer Data also suits clients that operate globally, and need consistent data across different locations.  We operate globally with a breadth and depth of data that is simply not available elsewhere.

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