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Chartered Fellow

Reach our gold standard

Chartered Fellowship is AIFME elite level of professional membership. Fellowship is only awarded to Chartered Members of at least 1 year membership with monthly engagements of no less than 80 postings. They are role models for other members, their organizations and the AI Foundation community. They're committed to promoting and leading the highest standards in AI and to developing themselves and others.

"Chartered status is the ultimate for professionals to have, it’s well respected and recognized as the best."

Employers know that when they work with a Chartered AI Practitioner, they’re dealing with someone who’s at the top of their profession and who is capable at scouting and identifying AI solutions for competitive advantages. Our Chartered Members also have the respect of their peers - other professionals know that they’ve been through a rigorous engagement to become Chartered and have met the high standards of the one the middles easts most prestigious body for AI professionals. 

Businesses, employers and recruitment consultants are already well used to working with and hiring Chartered professionals. They recognize Chartered status as shorthand for ‘best in class’ and they know they’ll get the highest professional standards from a Chartered individual.

As a Chartered Member of AIFME, you’re entitled to use the designation Chartered AI Practitioner and the post-nominal letters CMAIFME.

Chartered status will help you:

  • Improve your ability to influence decision-makers

  • Work on an equal footing with other professionals

  • Increase your future employability.

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