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Supporting, empowering and connecting

The AI Foundation membership is recognized as the benchmark for professional Artificial Intelligence excellence

The AI Foundation is the first AI community platform in middle east an independent professional for impact organization and knowledge forum for scholars, professionals, enthusiasts and anyone interested in artificial intelligence conversations - Big data, Analytics, intelligence,  Digital transformation, Machine & Deep learning, Automation, digitization, digitalization, Algorithms, facial and voice recognition, speech analytics, natural language generation and advanced technologies. The platform offers leading-edge market intelligence, industry research, thought leaders, as well as offer opportunities to learn and network with stakeholders across industries.

You will join as a Foundation Member, meaning that you’ll have immediate access to all of our membership benefits. Your engagement, interaction and aspirations will determine which journey you take.

Foundation Membership is free and gives you education, networking opportunities, advice and proactive assistance by leveraging:

  • Access to a global network of like-minded enterprises executives

  • Expertise via industry insights, best practices and real-world use cases

  • Association with the largest industry and marketplace focused on artificial intelligence

  • Member Benefits Include:
    – Thought leaders Interviews, Industry Insights, Whitepapers & Case Studies
    – Industry News and Reports 
    – Invites to Industry Happenings
    – Exchanges with industry leaders via its knowledge forum

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