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Insight Solutions

We offer a range of bespoke services to give clients a deeper understanding of all aspects of the relationships consumers have with the media they engage with. This analysis is about informing decision making, not ticking boxes.

Actionable segmentation to inform market, innovation and brand strategy

We identify the audience and market segments that our clients need to reach.  Then we develop them to give the business a clear focus to inform the marketing strategy.

The purpose of that is to produce robust and durable audience segmentations that make it easier for businesses to identify, deploy and exploit market opportunities.

Our approach is based on a blend of quantitative and qualitative research working alongside advanced data mining techniques.  That gives us the rigour to be confident of the segments we identify.

Clear objectives.  Transparent solutions

Our starting point is with a client’s internal stakeholders, to understand their objectives and to engage them in developing a common vision for how the segmentation will be used.

From there we define and scope the project.  We adopt a modular approach with the flexibility to tailor our solution to the precise client needs.  We incorporate lessons from past research to design efficient solutions that make use of existing data sets where available. 

We also demystify the advanced statistical techniques used to create the segmentation and give clear explanations of both the “art” and the ”science” involved.

Bringing segmentation to life

We then work with clients to make sure the segments are well enough understood and embedded within the organisation to inform practical planning and action.

We use a variety of creative strategies to bring the segment groups to life and give them meaning for client stakeholders. 

To ensure segmentations deliver lasting practical benefits, we ensure they can be mapped on to other databases (such as TGI and CRM database) and used for digital deployment.

Audience insight consulting for specific challenges

Our specialist team of consultants draws on a rich set of resources to help our clients get right un​der the skin of their audiences.

We are expert in using research and data from across Kantar Media and beyond (including existing client data) to join the dots in order to uncover fresh insights.  We make imaginative use of Kantar Media’s vast array of data to probe deeper into audience behaviours, motivations and desires.

Resolving client challenges

We work in partnership with our clients to resolve a wide range of challenges.  These may be the relatively simple, such as constructing an audience framework for initial market assessment or assessing trends in media consumption.  Or they may be more complex, such as identifying target audiences, assessing the headroom for growth or modelling market dynamics.

Qualitative and quantitative research

Our approach is driven by sophisticated data analytics and creative visualisation.  Deliverables may take the form of web-based audience dashboard tools or compelling and lively narrative presentations and reports. 

We use our qualitative research skills to add another dimension through live observation, video ethnography and ‘meet the audience’ immersion workshops.

Whatever the challenge, the chances are that we will have seen something similar before.  Get in touch to see if we can help.

Bespoke market research and analysis to give our clients commercial advantages

We specialize in understanding how consumers relate to the media, within the wider context of their lives, and turning that into information our clients can use.

We have a specialist team that generates actionable insights from research and analysis, so that our clients can make informed decisions about strategic planning, offer development and engaging consumers in the right way. 

Individual projects may profile audience segments, capture key dynamics in the media landscape, understand how the media influence people in relation to a brand or uncover their perceptions and expectations of media. 

Harnessing a range of skills and resources

To do this, we make the most of the full extent of data and resources across Kantar Media.  And to do that effectively we cultivate a blend of skills across a range of different disciplines, all within an integrated and close-knit team. 

We combine expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, data analytics, storytelling and robust research design and project management.  We do this across sectors and on a global scale, coordinated centrally and driven by local insights.

Driving decisions

We help media owners, brands and advertisers, and their agencies, ensure decisions are driven by insights which are backed with sound data.  We bring a stamp of authority to those decisions.  In short, we minimise the risks and illuminate the opportunities for our clients.

Rooted in a deep understanding of your business issues, we make it easy for our clients to see what action is needed. 

Social Media Insight: consumer understanding at scale

We analyse social media alongside news and other data sources to help provide deeper consumer understanding for our clients.

Our social media insight service uses social media conversations to help answer business questions for marketing, market research, insight and digital teams.

Businesses use our insights to innovate, to shape more relevant messages to communicate with their target audiences and to connect with their consumers.

Using qualitative research techniques at scale, we provide insights around the following areas:

  • Category understanding:  we provide a deep understanding of specific categories and consumer segments with research that identifies trends, habits, motivations, usage and attitudes.


  • Brand health and equity: we look at consumer perceptions of brands, products and competitors across all public social media, to identify whether they reflect the right brand promise and positioning.

  • Customer experience and satisfaction: social media is an invaluable source of customer feedback.  We benchmark customer satisfaction, understand customer trust and assess the effectiveness of our clients’ social media CRM.

  • Social media profiling and influence: we identify and map the key groups discussing a brand and category.  We also profile the most influential contributors to help design outreach programmes.


  • Marketing and communications effectiveness: we can improve the reach and impact of marketing spend using pre-campaign insights to develop relevant messages.  We also measure the reach of both online and offline campaigns and the salience of key messages.

  • Reputation: from quick-turnaround crisis insights to ongoing reputation benchmarking, we identify key drivers and highlight potential risks, improving understanding by integrating news and survey datasets with social media mentions.


We employ a highly effective mix of technology and research skills to identify these relevant and meaningful insights.

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