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Reputation Intelligence

In today’s fragmented communications world, we recognise that brands need to keep on top of their profile across traditional & digital media, both globally and locally. 

Our extensive tracking and monitoring capability, combined with our evaluation expertise, provides insights to brands to help them understand how they are seen by consumers and influencers. This enables them to respond quickly when needed and informs planning & strategies on driving longer-term brand value and loyalty.

Forward Planning: Plan for Tomorrow, Today

Take decisions based on understanding which stories and events will shape the news agenda.

Every day we identify and categorise thousands of future events, press releases, announcements, legislative developments and news items. 

Planning ahead with certainty

This enables our clients to plan ahead, by seeing what will be on the news agenda and in other global market activity. 

Our forward planning service covers a wide range of events and topics from politics and finance to lifestyle, events such as reports, surveys and launches, through to forthcoming financial results, legislation and conferences.

Creating relevant campaigns

We help Media owners to plan topical and relevant content in advance,

By using the same calendar as the media, public relations and communications teams can engage more effectively, identify opportunities and avoid clashes and conflicts.  By being able to see relevant events ahead, they can leverage forthcoming opportunities to create targeted campaigns.

Social Engagement

Understand the impact your earned media campaigns have on your social media channels. Social Engagement enables you to better understand your audience and reputation across key social media platforms, and provides insights on engagement, sentiment and underlying emotions. This helps you make better decisions and develop powerful communication strategies.

Social Engagement is an easy and intuitive analytics dashboard that enables you to access key data quickly to fine tune your strategy to better meet goals.

You can measure impact quickly and easily by analysing engagement and compare it with volume of articles published in press, broadcast and online to measure impact.

You can:

  • Measure - A wide range of measures including volume, retweets, mentions, comments, posts, likes and impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

  • Compare - Compare social media activity with volume of coverage across press, TV, radio and online.

  • Filter - Wide range for filters including verified users, sentiment and emotion.  Interactive tag cloud.

  • Search - Search your Twitter timeline for key topics, authors and hashtags. 

  • Share - Export to pdf or csv to share insights across your organisation.

Media Content Distribution: Track Delivery to the Right Targets

Our clients can distribute press releases directly to the media, or other influencers, through our platform, and track how they are received.

In the same way that email marketers can track their campaigns, our clients can see which journalists have received and opened their messages.  Knowing this can help inform how best to follow up whether on the phone or email. 

CRM functionality 

Our CRM functionality makes it possible to contact journalists and influencers directly through the platform and track metrics.  As in email campaigns, these include delivery and open rates, so they help make media follow ups easier. 

By keeping track of interactions with journalists and influencers, it makes it easier to build and manage engaging relationships with them.

Media Monitoring: Shaping Real-time Understanding

In today’s fragmented communications world we recognize that brands need to keep on top of their profile across online, social and traditional media.

We monitor every channel.  From national and regional newspapers to business and consumer press.  From online news portals to Twitter and forums.  From national TV to regional radio stations.  Our coverage is comprehensive.


Real-time news 

Our media monitoring platform integrates social media and mainstream news in a single timeline.  Users can access news more quickly and easily identify and share relevant contacts, coverage, analysis and insights, all in real time. 

Flexible and rapid service 

We review coverage to meet clients' exact requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can deliver the news as it breaks or at times that are convenient. All on any device.  

Analysis: Improving Effectiveness and Demonstrating Return

Our measurement and evaluation service assesses the impact of communication campaigns and benchmarks them against competitors.

We analyse press, broadcast, online and social media to assess the impact of media relations activity.  This can be for consumer and corporate communications, issue management, crisis and reputation management. 

Understanding media coverage

With this, clients can track their media profile.  They can understand what drives their media coverage and influences their reputation.  They can see where they fit in relation to their peers and the wider media landscape

We do this on an ongoing basis, for regular activities like financial calendar work, or one-off events like a product launch, crisis or a specific announcement. 

Measuring impact and sentiment

Our experts will first consult with clients to identify which key performance indicators are most important.  We will then review each piece of coverage, assess the messages and sentiment, impact and return on investment against those agreed criteria. 

Our methodology combines human interaction and automation, and we feed the insights back in simple and intuitive graphs and reports.

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