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Social media intelligence

Our social media services help identify what matters from within the huge volumes of social media content that are created and shared each day. The services are designed around what matters most, to understand what is happening and what it means and to inform better decisions.

Social command centers: digital intelligence hub

Whether looking to inform a content strategy, share metrics faster and in real time or run a social media programme from anywhere in the world, our social media command centers has it all covered.

The Social Command Centre is a central, visual hub which pulls together all social KPIs and dashboards into a single place.  The service helps unlock new patterns and gain unprecedented insight into consumer trends to drive campaign strategy. 

Big data, clearly visualized

By displaying big data in an easy-to-interpret way it makes the Social Command Centre makes it much easier to glean the insights quickly and clearly.

The service enables you to identify and address potentially damaging topics before they become issues.  And to identify potential opportunities to engage and foster relations with your audiences.

Better decisions

Our expert analysts can help interpret the data and link this social intelligence to core business decisions.  And it is all summarised in flexible dashboards designed to reflect the measureable goals.

The service is entirely adaptable.  The service provides coverage in more than 60 languages and can also be combined with traditional and digital media data to identify potential touchpoints and enhance the richness of reporting.

If you are interested in learning about how we can help your organisation take command of your online reputation contact us.

Social listening: making sense of online buzz

With billions of social media posts a day it can be hard to make sense of what is being said and what shapes your reputation. 

Our social media monitoring service tracks the information clients need to guide their communications strategy today and anticipate the buzz of tomorrow.

Instant insight

We help clients track what is being said about them, their brand, their products and their services.  This provides the most important data at a glance:

  • A customised dashboard to show vital social media analytics at a glance

  • Alerts for key topics and an adaptable portal home

  • The sites that are driving the buzz

  • The key influencers, to help target communications

  • Graphs that update as soon as the data is captured, showing the most relevant information in real time

  • Any immediate dangers, identified instantly

The reports and alerts can all be tailored and delivered at whatever time is most convenient.  The service can be combined with our broadcast, print or online monitoring and evaluation services to give one overall picture.

Bespoke solutions

We can supply bespoke daily, weekly or monthly reports on a brand’s reputation, highlighting the data that best shows the performance and return on social investment.  We can also create tailored alerts, delivered at times that suit you, to evolve with your social strategy. 

To be able to do this we analyse huge numbers of blogs, discussion boards, news sites, usenet groups and video-sharing networks, all across more than 60 languages.  We automatically identify the link source, author, date, time and tone of social mentions and deliver the data as it is happening.

Call today to find out how we can create a solution as unique as your social media fingerprint.

Social Media Insight: consumer understanding at scale

We analyse social media alongside news and other data sources to help provide deeper consumer understanding for our clients. Our social media insight service uses social media conversations to help answer business questions for marketing, market research, insight and digital teams. Businesses use our insights to innovate, to shape more relevant messages to communicate with their target audiences and to connect with their consumers.

Using qualitative research techniques at scale, we provide insights around the following areas:

  • Category understanding:  we provide a deep understanding of specific categories and consumer segments with research that identifies trends, habits, motivations, usage and attitudes.


  • Brand health and equity: we look at consumer perceptions of brands, products and competitors across all public social media, to identify whether they reflect the right brand promise and positioning.

  • Customer experience and satisfaction: social media is an invaluable source of customer feedback.  We benchmark customer satisfaction, understand customer trust and assess the effectiveness of our clients’ social media CRM.

  • Social media profiling and influence: we identify and map the key groups discussing a brand and category.  We also profile the most influential contributors to help design outreach programmes.


  • Marketing and communications effectiveness: we can improve the reach and impact of marketing spend using pre-campaign insights to develop relevant messages.  We also measure the reach of both online and offline campaigns and the salience of key messages.

  • Reputation: from quick-turnaround crisis insights to ongoing reputation benchmarking, we identify key drivers and highlight potential risks, improving understanding by integrating news and survey datasets with social media mentions.


We employ a highly effective mix of technology and research skills to identify these relevant and meaningful insights.

Social TV Ratings

We help broadcasters, agencies and advertisers understand how audiences engage with TV programmes on Twitter.

To do this we have developed Kantar Social TV Ratings in conjunction with Twitter.

The real-time, conversational nature of Twitter draws a phenomenal number of TV viewers in order to interact with a community of other fans, and this situation is being found around the world. Over 4 million Tweets was sent in Brazil during the broadcast of the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony, and Tweets about the premier of Sherlock season four in the UK created a huge 3.4 million total impressions. 

Kantar Social TV Ratings enable broadcasters to keep track of the conversations around their programmes and competing programmes, to help maximise audience engagement. The symbiotic relationship between Twitter and TV can be harnessed to increase audience engagement and targeting capabilities. They help agencies and advertisers make better planning and buying decisions to reach socially engaged viewers for stronger campaigns. The service is now live in the UK, Spain, the Philippines, Peru, Brazil and Turkey with more markets due to launch soon. 

We track conversations on Twitter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give a complete picture of social TV engagement including the buzz leading up to a show, activity around time-shifted and on demand viewing and insight into how long people continue to tweet and post about a programme once it has finished.

Understanding engagement

Broadcasters and agencies can use the Kantar Social TV Ratings to analyse the relationship between social media and TV, showing:

  • Demographics: see the age and gender split of people interacting with TV programmes on Twitter 

  • Overlay: TV viewing data over minute by minute social TV data, bringing two extremely valuable data-sets together 

  • Live Leaderboard: view top tweeted and posted programmes in real time 

  • Brand affinity: understand the brands that people are tweeting or posting about within a show, channel or series 

  • Sentiment: dive into the underlying emotions behind tweets about TV programmes

  • Subscriber Services: tracking content within Amazon Prime and Netflix services is available in the UK, and due to launch in additional markets in the coming months. 

  • Bench-marking: see how an episode is performing in relation to the rest of the series and competing series

  • Characters: the personalities, actors and athletes that are driving conversation 

  • Twitter Totals: complete figures for audience, impressions, Tweets, likes and authors which can then be filtered for further analysis 

  • Hashtags: hashtags most frequently included in the collected post on Twitter

  • Links: see the links that have been shared on Twitter as they pertain to TV programmes

Improved planning

Kantar Social TV Ratings are accessed by our social TV dashboard, Instar Social, which provides easy and intuitive access to the data, with clear visualisations and options to personalise your display, showing you how Twitter amplifies the power of television.

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