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A Smarter Path to victory Through AI 

Artificial Intelligence in sports is shifting how industry owners view sports. Although Statistics and quantitative analysis have played a major role in sports management in the past (A good example is depicted in the movie Moneyball starring Brad Pit and Philip Hoffman) ; however with the recent advances in AI enablers have revolutionized the industry. 

The PwC AI Technology framework for the sports industry offers a comprehensive illustration on the impact of AI on various levels of the industry.

PWC sports framework.png

Artificial Intelligence impact on sports is felt across by everyone from athletes to broadcasters, with real-time game statistics for players and fans, game tactics prediction to enable the player to choose the right strategy and even alert the player in case of a potential decline in performance or injury. 


Technology has become prevalent in sports and a key contributor to its evolution both inside the stadium and outside, enabling each player and team to be the best of themselves.

Implications of  AI  in Sports

Sports Phone Case

Athlete Performance

AI provides real-time feedback to optimize the outcome of training in addition to its power of personalization for every player which the team manager normally bypass due to his busy schedule.  This in now possible by combining sensor technology and AI.


Wearable devices can also provide data around levels of strain and exertion a individual and collective performances to identify areas where players are doing well and the other areas where they are lagging. The metric to assess a player’s contribution will also depend on their roles within the team.

What are Some of the Immediate Benefits of AI 

  • Monitoring and analyzing athlete performance

  • Analyzing team performance

  • Common plays, how often an athlete plays, how specific players impact the performance of the team as a whole (e.g. in football)

  • Analysis of goals scored and the factors that drive them (e.g. in soccer)

  • Collecting sports statistics to gain actionable insights

  • Predictive sports analytics

  • Athlete injury analytic


What are Some of the Immediate Applications of AI 

  • Predict the likelihood of a win or loss based on historical data. This can help you identify which factors lead to success

  • Empower coaches to make the right decisions about who should be out on the field

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the opposing team so you can prepare and optimize your team

  • Monitor athlete health or injuries to ensure proper care is being administered.

  • Determine which training plans are the most effective

Page Acknowledgments: PWC, AI Superior

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