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Dr. Samer Kobrosi, MD

If I were to be asked which sector is AI disrupting the most today with immeasurable prospects, my answer would be with a heart beat: Healthcare.

The healthcare sector is one of the most diversified fields today, therefore the applications of AI is continuously tested and retested to make use of all the value can be extracted from artificial intelligence in favor of the patient and the sector as whole.

In my practice I have witnessed the shift of many of our daily activities from patient care to recording to diagnostics all of which have been of great value for us as practitioners.

Artificial Intelligence accuracy is unequalled. the level of accuracy of machines is something that we cannot overlook and is getting better by the day.

I see in the near future AI will have a greater penetration and acceptance, yes there is still resistance from healthcare practitioners but this is fading as the value is undeniable!

Many questions are paused when a the topic of AI in healthcare is raised from my fellow practitioners some of which: will the role of doctors be readdressed? will my tasks be revisited?

In my view, I believe there is no right answer for such questions, but what I surely know is that the change or upgrade is coming and the right thing to do is to get ready to embrace it for one simple reason which is:

AI will bring patient care to new heights and for me thats all what matters!

If you ask me what's in it for me as a healthcare professional? I would ask back what's in it for the patient.

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