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Professor Salma AlNourani

Educators practices of yesterday, look different than educators practices of today, and will look different than educators practices of tomorrow. The means, settings, interactions, and even curriculum looks different. The whole learning journey looks different from just over a decade ago.

Artificial intelligence and advanced technologies have been a game changer to the education sector.

Artificial Intelligence brigs on value to educators, students, and institutions. The pandemic caused a major shakeup on the education sector, among the chaos one positive emerged – getting closer to advanced technologies. Institutions placed tremendous work by exploring various technological applications in the effort of finding the best fit to their practices.

One major challenge we faced is the lack of preparedness and talent in the space to take immediate action.

In my experience the use of technologies have been very much helpful. First, applying collective intelligence tools for grading automation in multiple or selection choices. In my opinion grading can be tedious and is considered lost time for any teacher, although text grading is still far from realization. Automation large sections of an exam allowed me to use the saved time for better student interaction and lecture preparation. Second, academic research data crunch efforts using advanced analytics software's. Third, I have used AI to apply some sort of individualized learning I believe this will require more effort by developers but I have no doubt we will reach soon.

Many academic institutions are embracing AI; however most institutions lack a clear organizational data strategy which is a key enabler for AI which makes me believe that the pace will face unnecessary delays.

My last suggestion for scholars and educators is to have a change in mindset and open up to new possibilities paused by artificial intelligence.

Good news alert: the academic community cannot be replaced by robots but merging efforts can only have tremendous value!


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