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Tarek El Ali, Former Executive in Auto industry

The race to success.

A decade ago the automotive industry underestimated the impact of AI on the industry. Fast forward to this date, car companies are in a race to embed AI not just on the obvious – self driving cars – but on the full value chain.

Driven by ambition and knowledge, Elon Musk introduced Tesla. Couple of month later most big-auto companies introduced plans for their own line of self-driving cars not just cars but anything that drives.

A major shift is taking place, no more concerns about the viability of a market or its size not even consumer preparedness. The discussion now is who is advancing on higher pace.

One of the clear examples that we witnessed earlier this year was General Motors ‘GM” or should I say “gm” logo uplift. The company is clear of its intention, - pivoting towards electric vehicles.

The immense value brought by AI to the sector means that we will observe many more "pivots".

I can think of several examples from first hand experiences but for the sake of word count I would limit my sharing to one, (more to follow in separate articles on this unique and most needed platform).

One of the many highlights in my opinion is in the after service. I have seen serious efficiencies on this front, from employee/technicians productivity to increase in customer satisfaction driven by accurate diagnostics to rapid repair/service.

The road to success is full of speed bumps. Knowledge, upskilling, and embracing AI allows for a smooth ride.


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